Clubs & Activities

All Photography Social Awareness Society Design Research Dance Cultural Hospitality Creative Music Technical Others
The Tourism club has been refurbished with a new club named as Hospitality and Tourism...
All India Science Exhibition conducted for 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students
Cultural festival of PES University.
Photography Club
CHRONICLES A Website/ A process dedicated to connect the industry and the student
Impact of Engineering and Technology on Us. They concentrate on real life solutions through Engineering...
Official Racing Team of PES
A Multi disciplinary research platform.
Virtual Company which works on real time Industry Projects.
An event to honor the martyr of the Indian Defense Forces.
Cultural night to promote Indian music, incorporates Spicmacy.
Cultural Festival of PESU, Electronic City Campus
A exhibition of all top projects of all departments displayed under one roof.
College Magazine
College Newspaper
Indian Classical Dance Team
Dance Team – Western
Drama Team – Skits
Western Music Band
Unmanned vehicles & Aero Modelling
Dedicated for the betterment of quiz competition for schools and colleges.
Organize talks by leading people in the respective fields.
Social Responsibilities include adoption of Govt Schools, a blind School , environmental awareness, Blood Donation...
24 hour Hackathon.
Electric Car, hybrid cars.
Next generation Electric Vehicles
Mad Ads – basically Skits, spoofs
Similar to Tedx, organize talks from famous speakers.
Social Initiatives, foster homes, HIV Centers, teaching slum kids, voting awareness.
Promoting of entrepreneurship.
Hybrid vehicles
Conduct hashcode 24 hour hackathon.
Build robot, participate in robotic competitons.
Joy of Engineering Design, a course exclusively offered to the First year student to rekindle...
The IEEE PESU Student Branch is a student – run professional body network at PES...
The Club brings together students with basic knowledge of art or who are willing to...
The Club conducts radical mime, skits and spoofs and organized the Freshers’ Day 2016.
The Club brings together students interested in tech events that include hackathons and workshops, technical...
PES Model United Nations Conferences (MUN) society brings together students interested in participating in various...
The club brings together students interested in Community Service Projects, Professional Development Projects and International...
The club brings together students interested in film-making.
The club brings together students interested in western and Bollywood style dance and participating in...
Indian Music Club
Acapella Team – Creating music using vocal chords without the use of any instruments.
The club brings together students interested in Carnatic Rock Fusion.
For the Gastronomically inclined students, the Chef Club offers the ideal platform to experiment
Inspiring young minds to ideate, design, create and execute events.