M.Pharm in Pharmacology

Conferences attended:

  1.  Attended workshop on Research Methodology organized by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, Bangalore.
  2. Attended Workshop on Basic techniques in preclinical studies, organized by Department of Pharmacology, PES College of Pharmacy, Bangalore.
  3. Achieved certificate of participation workshop on “Scientific methods and scientific writing” organized by KLE University’s College of Pharmacy, Bangalore.
  4. Achieved certificate of participation workshop and seminar on Pharmacovogilance organized by the Department of Pharmacy Practice, The Oxford College of Pharmacy, Bangalore.
  5. Achieved certificate of participation seminar on “Stem Cell Therapy” organized by the Department of Pharmacognosy, The Oxford College of Pharmacy, Bangalore.
  6. Achieved certificate of participation on National Conference organized by NSHM College of Pharmaceutical Technology in collaboration with Jadavpur University.
  7.  Achieved certificate for participation in National Pharmacy Week organized by NSHM College Of Pharmaceutical Technology.
  1. Committees: Museum
  2. GPAT classes for III BPharm

Experience: 3 years 7 months

Subjects Handled:

  1. Human Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Pathophysiology
  3. Pharmacology

Areas of Research interest:
• Stem cell therapy and its application in the treatment of cancer
• Antidiabetic activities
• Nephroprotective activities
• Treatment of neurodegenerative disorders.

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