M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics)

Sessional committee

Professional experience
9 Years

Subjects Handled

  1. Pharmaceutical Engineering- III B Pharm
  2. Pharmaceutics- I Pharm D
  3. Drug Delivery Systems- I Semester M Pharm

Area of Interest

Research interest is in the challenging areas of pharmaceutical industry;

  1. Oral solid dosage forms
  2. Novel drug delivery system
  3.  Derivatization of natural polymers for development of drug delivery system

Research Project:

  1. “Study on factors influencing Tramadol release from wax matrix tablet”
  2. “Development and evaluation of polymeric films of herbal ingredients for topical treatment”
  3. “Study of influence of BCS class of drug on tablet properties”
  4. “Preparation and evaluation of sublingual tablets of poorly water soluble drug”

Total no of Publications – 02
Accepted poster presentation at conference 01

Industrial Training: Undergone industrial training at Karnataka antibiotics and
Pharmaceutical Ltd, Bangalore